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The hostel is located on a property with a huge garden. We have many banana plants, mandarins and orange trees, coffee pants, avocado trees, lot of flowers and many more.


We offer dormitories and private rooms with comfortable beds. We are the only hostel direct in town with a big green area and a huge garden.


Hostal Chawi has also a big terrace with an amazing view to the valley. In the Patio is a cozy meeting area were some days (It depends how many people are staying) in the week we have an open air bar/restaurant in the night with a variety of food, snacks and drinks. 


We are a new Hostel in town and we are constantly working on projects to improve the location. We accept volunteers and we are open to hear about your ideas to make of Hostal Chawi the best backpackers hostel in Coroico.


We want our hostel to be a welcoming place for travelers to find community, exchange new ideas, explore sustainable living and feel a sense of well-being. One of our primary long-term goals is to make our hostel ecologically sustainable. We intend to implement permaculture techniques on the property, to source our supplies from within Bolivia (if not directly from our land), to harness energy from the sun and to use products made from renewable & recycled materials. We will offer high-quality, affordable mostly-vegetarian food to our guests in an effort to promote healthy living, as well as the humane treatment of animals and of our planet. We hope our business will stimulate the local economy and enrich the existing community here in Coroico.


The hostel has a blog(link) with more information about the concept and the story of why we built the hostel.